Support our Youth & Recreation Fund!

Support our Youth & Recreation Fund!

MMM 2016The Youth and Recreation Fund of the Bexley Community Foundation provides our community with unique opportunities to support well established recreation programs by offering new activities for community interaction and engagement. Examples include the Cub Scout Pack 166 beekeeping project, new timing and starting equipment for the Bexley Marlins swim team, the Bexley Kids Fit and Fun Expo and our Youth Triathlon, which gained national coverage this year.


As the Bexley Community Foundation continues to reinvest 100% of our charitable donations back into our community, we hope you find our mission a strong one – to give where you live. Donations made to the Youth and Recreation Fund will go directly to grants funding projects and programs to enhance the Bexley experience for current and future residents. Generations of Bexley residents have enjoyed and valued the unique recreational opportunities provided by our community.


We would also love your input – please send any ideas for grants as we are always looking to fund community recreational events and activities!


To make a donation, click here. If you are interested in learning more or getting involved, please contact Hallie Raskin, Executive Director, at or call 614.235.4070. Thanks for your support!

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