2018 Grant Calendar

We will hold two cycles for grants in 2018.

1st Cycle

Letter of Intent Deadline - January 26, 2018

Application Deadline - March 16, 2018


2nd Cycle

Letter of Intent Deadline - June 22, 2018

Application Deadline - August 10, 2018


We are always interested in hearing your ideas or helping with our application process! Please contact Hallie Raskin, Executive Director, if you need assistance.


Funding Policies & Procedures

The Bexley Community Foundation operates its philanthropic responsibilities in accordance with the following funding policies and procedures:

1. Geographic Restrictions: Grants will be made to organizations whose projects and programs benefit the residents of Bexley.

2. Eligibility: In most cases, eligible applicants are nonprofit organizations, public charities or government agencies. Grants will only be made to faith-based organizations for non-religious programs.  Groups that do not have tax exempt status must enter into an agreement with the Bexley Community Foundation assuring that the grant will be used only for a project that meets the charitable purposes of the Foundation.

3. Ineligibility: The following listed projects will not be eligible for foundation grants:

  • Endowment funds
  • Fundraising expenses
  • Direct or indirect administrative/operating expenses
  • Capital campaigns
  • Sectarian religious purposes (although funds may be awarded to religious organizations for projects that benefit the broader community—see Eligibility guidelines)
  • Projects, programs, and/or equipment that were committed prior to the grant applications being submitted
  • Projects that attempt to influence legislation or to intervene in any political campaign (including the publishing or distribution of statements) on behalf of any candidate for public office.
  • Financial assistance to fundraising events or activities of other organizations.

4. Universal Participation: Grant proposals should include principles of fairness and equity, demonstrate principles of openness to all residents of Bexley, and create no arbitrary barriers to participation.

5. Timely Submission: The application and all other materials and required information must be submitted electronically through our online grant application process.

6. Distribution of Funds: Grants will be distributed on a reimbursement basis upon the receipt of appropriate documentation, unless prior arrangements have been made.

7. Matching Funds: Payment of matching grants will be made only after the required matching funds are obtained by the grantee organization and verified in writing to the Foundation.

8. Grant Administration: When grants are awarded, the conditions for the grant will be established through a written agreement between the organization and the Bexley Community Foundation.  This agreement may add additional conditions to the administration of the grant and distribution of funds.

9. Memorandum of Understanding: Grants that are awarded to collaborating organizations will complete a written memorandum of understanding (MOU) in which all parties state they are aware of and agree to their obligations in the funded project.

10. Project Management: General administration and oversight of each project must be performed by a Project Manager appointed by the grantee and named on the initial application.

11. Grant Acknowledgement: The Foundation requires the grantee to make known to the public that the Bexley Community Foundation has provided funds for the project.  This can take the form of signage, publicity and/or recognition in printed material.

Note: The Foundation's Board of Directors reserves the right to make exceptions to these published policies and procedures.

Ready To Take Next Steps?

For further information, please contact:

Hallie Raskin

Executive Director

552 Drexel Avenue

Bexley, Ohio 43209