Apply for a Grant from the Bexley Community Foundation

Bexley Community Foundation Grant Application and Reporting Forms

Application Process

We accept applications twice a year for grants, regardless of amount, from our Bexley Community Fund.

Letter of Intent:

The grant-making process begins with the submission of a Letter of Intent (LOI).

Applicants submit the LOI by the specificed deadline through an online form in order to receive further consideration for submission of a grant application.

LOI should be no more than one page and contain the following information:

1)    Organization’s official name and contact information;

2)    A brief summary of the organization’s mission and recent work, 2 sentence maximum;

3)    The total estimated amount of the proposed project budget, including funds committed or requested from other organizations;

4)    An indication of the amount and type of support being requested of the Bexley Community Foundation.  See Foundation Guidelines for funding priorities;

5)    A narrative description and scope of work to be performed and accomplished, and evaluation standards of the project;

6)    Collaborating organizations;

7)    A description on how the proposal meets the Foundation’s program guidelines;

8)    Potential project impact on the community at large.

Advancing applicants will be invited to submit a full grant application by indicated deadline for further consideration. The staff and volunteers of the Bexley Community Foundation are always happy to meet with prospective grant applicants.  Please feel free to contact Hallie Raskin, Executive Director of the Bexley Community Foundation with questions at or 614-235-4070.

Before you begin the online application process you will need the following information:

1: Grant Application Narrative - Explain what you plan to do. You will be asked to provide the following information in your application:

A. Demonstrate need for project - What does your organization see as a significant need in Bexley? How has your organization determined the need?

​B. Project description – What does your organization plan to do?

​C. Project impact – How will the project benefit the community and/or individuals in Bexley?

​D.  Project time period –What is the timeline for the project’s implementation and completion?

​E.  Project sustainability – If this project will be on-going, how do you plan to fund the program after the Foundation grant is expended?

​F. Evaluation - How will your organization evaluate the project and measure its effectiveness?

​G. Organizational goals – What are the mission and vision of your organization? How does this project relate to your overall mission? Please include the list of members of your governing board.

​H. Collaborative projects - If your proposal includes collaboration with one or more other organizations, how will you work together on this project? Who will take the lead in implementing the program?

​I.  Other funding sources – Do you also intend to use other funds for this project? If so, what organization(s) will provide the funds and how much additional funding will be supplied?

​J. Volunteer involvement – What volunteer resources and skills will you use in implementing the project?

​K. Organizational capability - –What are your organization’s financial capacity and ability to complete the proposed project?

​L. Plan for public acknowledgement of the Foundation’s gift – please describe how you plan to notify the public of the foundations contribution to this project.

​M. Financial information – The financial information included with your application should contain an itemized budget and a budget narrative, i.e., an explanation of how the expenditures will be used, and when your funds will be needed. Please include in-kind support or other funds that have been already secured for the project. If you plan to seek additional funding from other sources, indicate the organizations you intend to contact and the funding you will be seeking from them.

2: If applicable, include a copy of the applicant’s 501 (c)(3) tax exempt determination letter from the U.S. Internal Revenue Service and its 990 summary form.

To print your application in process:

You can print your application by the page while you are in process by clicking "file" then "print" on your browser tool bar.

To save and return to your application in progress:

If at any time you want to stop and return to your application later you may just save and go to the next page and then close your browser window. When you are ready to return to your saved application go back to the grant application page and log in with the email you provided when you started your application. You may also return to your application through the link that was emailed to you when you entered the application the first time.

To save and print your completed application:

Once you have completed and submitted your application for review you will receive an email with a pdf version of your finished application for your files and to print.

Uploading files to your application:

There are several documents required for the application. We ask that all document attachments be submitted in pdf or jpg format. You will need to save Word and Excel files as pdfs before you upload. Pictures should be in jpg format.