1908 Society - Get involved! Make a Difference!

Bexley was founded on August 10, 1908. In honor of our historic roots, we created the 1908 Society which anyone can join for a minimum donation of $19.08! We wanted to find a fun way to invite everyone in our community to become a Foundation stakeholder.

Bexley Community Fund Giving Designations

Donor giving levels for our unrestricted Bexley Community Fund are named for nine Bexley streets, each reflecting special aspects of our community which together create the unique character of our Bexley community.

Main Street Society Up to $249

Main Street is a part of the historic National Road crossing through Ohio. Today Main Street is Bexley's business and entertainment district. Additional points of interest on this street are Bexley City Hall, Trinity Seminary, Capital University, Drexel Theatre, Bexley Public Library, Montrose Elementary, a synagogue and a church.

Cassingham Society $250-$499

Cassingham Road has become known as Bexley's "education road."  Running from Delmar Avenue to Livingston Avenue, four of the five Bexley's public schools are located on Cassingham Road.  The schools are Maryland Elementary, Cassingham Elementary, Bexley Middle School and Bexley High School.  Montrose Elementary is one block east of Cassingham and Main streets.

Roosevelt Society $500-$999

Roosevelt Avenue is one of the very few through streets in Bexley and is completely residential.  The street stretches from the city's northern boundary at Maryland Avenue to the southern boundary of Livingston Avenue.  Roosevelt Avenue today is the ever-popular main route for the Bexley 4th of July Parade.

Pleasant Ridge Society $1,000-$2,499

Pleasant Ridge Avenue was home to the Lutheran community of Pleasant Ridge which arose and grew south of Main Street near Capital University and Trinity Seminary.  Both Trinity and Capital were founded in 1830. In 1908 the community of Pleasant Ridge merged with the Bullitt Park neighborhood, established in 1889, to form the Village of Bexley.

Drexel Society $2,500-$4,999

Originally named Magnolia Avenue, Drexel Avenue intersects with Broad Street to form a beautiful landmark called Drexel Circle.  Once the site of Camp Bushnell during the Spanish American War, Drexel Circle is flanked by private homes.  Drexel Avenue is home of The Ohio State University President's residence, a church, and the home of the Bexley Community Foundation

Broad Street Society $5,000-$9,999

Broad Street is home to Bexley's two private schools, St. Charles and Columbus School for Girls, two synagogues, a church, a National Historic Register residential site called Sessions Village, and a historic octagon house built in 1856.

Parkview Society $10,000-$24,999

The Parkview Avenue neighborhood was founded in 1830.  In 1908 the neighborhood merged with the Bullitt Park community, then later that greater neighborhood formed the Village of Bexley in 1889.

Bullitt Park Society $25,000-$49,999

Bullitt Park was named for the Bullitt Park subdivision.  The street was established in 1889 when Logan Bullitt of Philadelphia filed the first plat for the area located today just north of Main Street.  This subdivision became part of the Village of Bexley in 1908 when the residents, including industrialist and former Mayor of Columbus Robert H. Jeffrey, agreed to merge with the Lutheran community of Pleasant Ridge.

Commonwealth Society $50,000 or more

Commonwealth Park is bordered by North and South Commonwealth and is one of our community's most valued landmarks, both as a symbol of Bexley's century old urban forest and as the place where generations of our children learn and play sports.