Bexley Community Fund

Bexley Community Foundation Fund

Gifts to this fund are reinvested in Bexley through our semi-annual grants programs.  Organizations, government entities, non-profit institutions and many others are able to apply for grants from this fund.  To date, over $850,000 has been reinvested into the Bexley community from grants through this unrestricted fund.

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Youth and Recreation Fund

The Youth and Recreation Fund makes grants to organizations, programs and initiatives that enrich the lives of Bexley's youth through physical, creative and other activities.  We fund projects and programs that connect kids between the ages of 3-18 to each other and our community through athletics, after school learning programs, outdoor and indoor recreational activities. 

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Bexley Beautification Fund

The Bexley Beautification Fund conducts two campaigns each year, Trees for Bexley and Bexley in Bloom, and invests in Bexley's urban forest, the physical environment and community beautification. Fund projects have included replacement trees throughout the City to preserve green areas in every Bexley neighborhood, gateways at the entrances to the community, plantings and lighting at Drexel Circle, trees in the Main Street medians, and flower baskets on Main Street and the Broad Street and Clifton Avenue bridges.

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Jeffrey Mansion and Park Fund

The Jeffrey Mansion and Park Fund provides financial support to promote the future of one of the City’s unique public assets,  Jeffrey Mansion and its associated grounds.

In 1908 Robert H. Jeffrey was instrumental in the founding of the City of Bexley, and in 1942 he donated his family estate “Kelveden” and its 32 acre grounds to the City for public purposes.  For over 70 years the Jeffrey Mansion and grounds, together with nearby Commonwealth Park, have been the center of community and recreational activities, becoming a memorable part of the life of virtually every Bexley family.  In 2013, the Bexley community pool, located on the Mansion grounds, celebrated its 50th anniversary. 

The net income and principal of the Fund can be used to make distributions to, or in support of, improvements, projects and programs that will preserve and enhance Jeffrey Mansion and Park and further their mission as Bexley’s multi-purpose community and recreational center. 

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Denise and Barry Blank Tree Fund

In 2012, the Bexley High School Class of 1962 held its 50th reunion.  After the reunion, Denise and Barry, members of the class of 1962, started talking about how much the Bexley community means to them and their family.  Taking a cue from a reunion discussion of how classmates could “pay forward”, the Blanks established our first sponsored fund.  Today the Denise and Barry Blank Tree Fund enables Denise and Barry to continue a lifelong passion and create a legacy by planting trees in Bexley.  

Their initial goal was to plant trees as a lasting memorial to deceased classmates.  With the support of members of the class of '62,  the Fund planted 24 commemorative maple trees along South Cassady Avenue which were dedicated on Arbor Day, April 27, 2013.

A gift to the Blank Tree Fund is a perfect way to celebrate a happy occasion or to honor or remember a friend or family member.  If you would like to plant a tree in Bexley, the Fund will help by matching your gift of $150.

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Bexley Wellness Fund

The Bexley Wellness Fund was established in 2014 to promote community, family and individual health and wellness in Bexley, recognizing that health and wellness are important aspects of a thriving community in the 21st century. The fund supports activities, programs and services that:

  • Empower those who live, work or are students in our community to achieve and maintain healthy lifestyles;
  • Foster informed public understanding and discussion of current and emerging health and wellness trends, issues, topics and ideas;
  • Promote fitness, healthy eating and physical and emotional health;
  • Develop health and wellness initiatives for the Bexley community.

The Bexley Wellness Fund was initiated with a significant gift from Beth Grimes-Flood.

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Jay and Jeanie Schottenstein Family Fund

The Bexley community has long been a charitable priority of the Schottenstein family, and the new fund will advance the mission of the Bexley Community Foundation by providing financial support to the Foundation and, through the Foundation’s grants programs, other nonprofit organizations serving the Bexley community.

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Susie and Charlie Rath Creative Arts Fund

In 2015, Susie and Charlie Rath established the Susie and Charie Rath Creative Arts Fund in memory of Susie’s father Leland McClelland, a highly regarded local artist and longtime Bexley resident. The Fund is established to promote the creative arts, including the visual and performing arts, vocal and instrumental music, writing and communication, design, and digital and other media, in the Bexley community. The Fund will support programs and activities that:

  • Promote existing and new arts programming in Bexley;
  • Further arts learning and appreciation;
  • Advance Bexley as a local hub of the creative arts;
  • Provide a range of opportunities for children, youth and adults to develop their creative potential;
  • Present arts driven events and performances; and
  • Develop creative arts initiatives for the Bexley community.

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Anne and Sam Powers Fund

The Anne and Sam Powers Fund is established to promote positive sports experiences for children and youth who participate in school, recreational and other sports programs serving the Bexley community. The fund will also promote child and youth health and wellness and positive values, such as teamwork, sportsmanship and self-confidence, which can be learned through sports and the fund will support programming to help athletes, parents and coaches develop skills to improve the sports experience and make it fun.

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Bexley Public Library Community Author Series Fund

The Bexley Public Library Community Author Series Fund of the Bexley Community Foundation will support an annual Bexley Community Author Series which is an event that brings authors to Bexley to discuss their works and engage our community.

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Bexley Farmers' Market Fund

The Bexley Farmers' Market Fund is established to support the Bexley Farmers' Market, a weekly market that runs from May through October in Bexley.

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